Photographs of India

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Inscription at top of large brick structure A plant-covered pergola with a swimming pool beyond Looking up above trees to towers in English and Indian styles Primitive shelters by the side of a dusty road A crowded shanty area in India Looking over a corrugated roof to an Indian commuter train A river with wide dry banks Cars parked on the wide verge of a sunny tree-lined road A man and a boy herding goats by the side of a road A Commonwealth War Cemetery A commuter station seen from a high viewpoint A red brick portico A tall pillared gateway in light red brick A black stone slab with flowers and a lantern on top A building looking like a smaller version of the Taj Mahal in white and red brick The side of a road with scrub beyond Dusty Indian street A wide Mogul-style red-brick building Looking across a wide river with low water levels Taj Mahal